Morning, November 1, 2019, Vietnam – Korea Industrial Technical College held the opening ceremony of an international-class high-class college under the transfer program from the Federal Republic of Germany, including 2 occupations are Automotive Technology and Mechanical equipment maintenance.

Dr. Ho Van Dam – Rector spoke at the ceremony

Attending the ceremony were leaders of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, school administrators, parents and 32 students, room and press room in Nghe An province.
Vietnam – Korea Industrial Technical College is one of 45 high quality colleges participating in this pilot training course with 60 classes and 1056 students; The diploma will be awarded by HWK Leipzig equivalent to level 4 according to the national framework of the Federal Republic of Germany. In parallel with that, students after graduation will also receive a diploma from the Vietnam – Korea Vocational College of Technology. Vocational training programs have 30% of theoretical learning time and 70% of practical learning time at enterprises. Therefore, the program is highly flexible and all training activities are always geared to social needs, creating maximum opportunities for students after graduation to have a stable job and high income.

Overview of the ceremony

Dr. Ho Van Dam – Rector of the school said that students participating in these two professions were all trained according to German standards and learned German language at the end of the course of B1, which is considered as On-site study abroad program, domestic tuition fees funded by the Vietnamese government. When graduates achieve the criteria set out. The school is committed to job placement for high-income students who are employed by foreign and German joint venture companies. Export labor or transfer to tertiary education in advanced countries.
At the school ceremony, on behalf of the General Department of Occupation, awarded certificates to 8 selected teachers and returned from Germany.

Presenting certificates to teachers returning from Germany