I. General information about the school

Vietnam – Korea Industrial Technical College.

Address: Ho Tong Thoc Street – Nghi Phu Commune – Vinh City – Nghe An Province.

Phone: 02383.511235; 0383.511454; Fax: 02383.852194.

Email : cdviethanna@gmail.com.



II . Legal status of the College

– Vietnam – Korea Industrial Technical College is a public vocational training institution, located in the national education system.

– Vietnam – Korea Industrial Technical Vocational College established under Decision No. 258 / QD-BLDTBXH dated February 15, 2007 of the Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs and Decision No. 693 / QD -LĐTBXH of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs dated May 18, 2017 on changing its name to Vietnam – Korea Vocational College of Technology.

– Vietnam – Korea Industrial Technical College is a non-business unit with income and partial autonomy under Decision 4649 / QD-UBND dated October 9, 2017 of Nghe An province with legal status, having own seal and account, self-responsibility in accordance with the law.

III. Vision and goal

Vision: Vietnam – Korea Industrial Technical College is a public vocational education institution that trains high-quality human resources at regional and international levels.

General objectives of the College: Direct training of human resources for production, business and services, with the practicing capacity corresponding to the training level; have morality, health; professional responsibilities; be creative, adapt to working environment in the context of international integration; ensure productivity and labor quality improvement; create conditions for learners after completing the course can find jobs, create jobs or study to a higher level.

Specific objectives: For each level trained by the college:

Provide basic level training for competent learners to perform simple jobs of a profession together with ensuring occupational safety and sanitation;

Training at intermediate level so that learners are capable of performing tasks of elementary level and carrying out a number of jobs with complicated majors or occupations; be able to apply techniques and technologies to work, work independently, work in teams;

Training college level for capable learners to perform the work of the intermediate level and solve the complex work of specialization or profession; be creative, apply techniques and modern technologies to work, guide and supervise other people in the group to perform the work.