Office: 3rd Floor of Building A – The Vietnam – Korea Industrial Technology College

Phone: 038.3511457



Function and task:

To advise the Board of Directors on the development of the school’s training development plan, integration strategies and plans on vocational training, regional and international training; teaching plan, learning each course, school year, semester, monthly training plan, along with the faculties to build the learning schedule of classes.
Monitoring, checking, supervising and managing the implementation progress of teachers’ programs, training plans and teaching plans.

Organize periodic and irregular inspections of teachers ‘records and books, and regular or irregular examination of teachers’ teaching hours according to the contents of the actual school’s modules / subjects show.
Organize the implementation of the annual admission according to the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Vocational Training Admissions Regulation 08/2007, specifically: Establishing the enrollment plan, Establishing the Admissions Council. determine matriculation scores, call candidates for admission, implement the reporting and archiving regime …
First-year and annual Defense Education work of the school
Secretary of Training Council. Prepare and complete all kinds of files, documents, forms of training in accordance with state regulations
Perform administrative work: Organizing the opening, closing ceremony, preliminary review of the semester, year-end summaries. Aggregate statistics, point management, training results periodically to report to the Board of Management and superior management agencies. Implementing the management of student’s original records, graduation records, management of short-term, interconnected classes. print diplomas, transcripts, issue diplomas and vocational certificates to students strictly according to the regulations of the General Department of Vocational Training.

Organize the implementation of polls, surveys, and comments from: learners, employers, teachers … on issues in the field of training
Organize training to improve teacher qualifications.
Formulating plans and organizing activities of scientific research, self-made vocational training equipment, scientific conferences (programs, teaching methods, methods of teaching …)
Organize and participate in lectures and contests at all levels (excellent teachers, excellent students …). Organize students to do graduate projects …
Organize the compilation, modification and supplementation of curriculum and syllabus.
Track proposed repair, procurement of supplies, equipment …
Make annual payments for training contracts, make overpayments for teachers over hours
Managing and operating the Library’s activities
Building and developing relationships of international cooperation with foreign organizations and schools
Carry out other unexpected tasks as assigned by the Principal
Manage officials and employees as assigned by the principal. Manage assigned assets and facilities.