The total number of teachers in the department is 16 teachers, reaching the university level of 100%. Currently, the teachers in the course have 12 teachers who have graduated from graduate school, reaching the rate of 75%. Include:
– Dean: Le Toan Thang
– Deputy head of department: Hoang Minh Quang
– 12 teachers in the department
The department is divided into 4 main subject groups:
– Organization of automobile engine subjects;
– Department of automobile undercarriage;
– Organization of automobile electricity subjects;
– Organization of inspection and diagnosis of cars.

The Faculty of Automotive Technology implements the professional functions of Vietnam – Korea Industrial Technical Vocational College, which is training technical workers with vocational college, intermediate, and elementary vocational training. Advice and introduce jobs after training, scientific research and transfer of technical advances for production and life.
With the above functions and tasks, after enrollment and in the training process, the faculty along with the school have oriented teachers to teach students – students achieve.
– Expertise
– Skill skills
– Communication skills
– There are industrial manners.

3.1. Knowledge
– Understand the structure, working principles of engines, undercarriage, electrical systems on cars.
– Knowledge of the process and methods of disassembling, checking, maintaining and repairing complicated failures of engines, undercarriage systems, electric systems on automobiles.
– Knowledge of verification equipment, guesses and measuring instruments.
– To support the acquisition of professional knowledge of automotive technology and production management organization, there are some additional basic knowledge as follows:
Basic knowledge of technical drawing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical materials, assembly and measurement tolerances, thermo-engineering, basic electronics, AutoCAD drawing, pneumatic – hydraulic technology , informatics, foreign languages ​​Korean and English, organization and production management.
3.2. Job skill
– Proficient implementation of assembly, maintenance and repair of engine failures, undercarriage systems, electrical systems on cars.
– Using modern equipment to check and diagnose car breakdowns.
– Ability to run an automobile assembly or repair workshop.
– Ability to be a teacher of practical practice of Automotive Technology in vocational schools and centers.