With the motto of volunteering in association with training expertise, in 2019 the Vietnam-Korea Community College of KTC continues to implement green summer activities that have promoted their strengths to help practically, Most effective for the locality where the delegation arrives.
Volunteers are selected as members with a sense of responsibility, good professional skills.
This year, through the survey, the Delegation cooperated with two localities with difficult conditions to carry out activities: Tan Huong commune – Tan Ky district and Nghi Hung commune – Nghi Loc district.
From June 29 to August 5, 2019 in Tan Huong Commune, the delegation volunteered to repair toys and electrical systems of 15 classrooms for preschools; repairing and installing electricity of 10 primary classrooms; electricity repair for 7 households in difficult circumstances; repair electricity system for memorials, CPCs, assemble and install high-voltage electric poles system for 1 volleyball court.
Korean student volunteer department repair game system
Volunteer students in electronics repair electrical replacement for difficult families
From February 1-2, 2019 in Nghi Hung commune, a new installation of 1km of lighting has been installed in combination with making a national flag pole, clearing 1.5km of inter-village roads. The work of the delegation has contributed to promoting the plan for the new rural destination of the locality.
In addition to professional activities on volunteer groups, they also actively participate in exchanges in the whole group’s meetings, cultural and physical training and sports exchanges, contributing to tightening solidarity among youth union members. .
Volunteer delegations participate in local activities
The technical and professional activities of the Delegation have been recognized by local people, bringing practical effects; help spread the color of voluntary blue shirts of Nghe An youth; further confirming the quality of education and training of Vietnam-Korea Vocational College College – the top 45 high quality vocational training schools of the whole country.
The volunteer group took a souvenir photo with Tan Huong kindergarten