Join in the volunteer atmosphere in the summer of 2018 of the youth of the province, from July 2, 2018 to July 8, 2018, the Vietnam-Korea Union College of KTCN and Youngsan University Korean Youth Union students Quoc organizes a volunteer round at Nghi Kieu 1 primary school in Nghi Kieu commune, Nghi Loc district.
Participating in the activity, there were 12 Vietnamese-Korean volunteer students and 33 Korean-volunteering students.
Although the activities take place during the peak hot weather in the area (the temperature is sometimes higher than 40 degrees Celsius), but with the best efforts, the spirit of pioneering is not afraid of difficulties of youth and In the spirit of international transparency, the volunteer team has completed the set plans, specifically:
Organized 3 summer classes with 90 students participating in many useful and enriching activities: educating personal hygiene skills, exercising, organizing coloring games, folding paper, Sing and dance, Teakwondo. Free haircuts for students and people … Paint 100m fencing, painting painted decorative 15m shores of the school district, with a total value of materials over 8 million. Repair electrical lighting systems, fans for Through this activity, the delegation also gave some gifts to the school and students including: 1 49inch Smart TV, 450 notebooks, 10 gifts for good students with a total value of more than 20 million. copper.
The activities took place vibrantly, attracted a large number of elementary students and their parents and people to participate, leaving a good impression, showing the noble humanity meaning of the activity. volunteering, the spirit of dedication for the community of young people in Vietnam and Korea.
Also on this occasion, the delegation visited and exchanged gifts at the Nghe An Disabled Vocational Training Center with a gift value of 4.5 million VND, giving gifts to students of Viet Han School worth 9 million VND.
Volunteering with an international student group (Korea) is an annual feature of the Vietnam-Korea Community College College.
The activity left a good impression on the color of voluntary blue shirts in the operating areas, contributing to the brand of Vietnam-Korea Vocational College.
Some pictures of the delegation’s activities: