Dean: M.Sc Le Van Hung
Deputy Head of Department: M.Sc Nguyen Manh Hung

1. Function and task

The basic faculty was precursor to the general subjects of Vietnam – Korea Vocational Technology University. In 2007, the school was recognized as a vocational college of Vietnam – Korea Vocational College by that time, the department was renamed as a Basic Faculty of Vietnam – Korea Vocational College.
Basic Faculty consists of 03 subject groups: Math – Fitness, Politics, Foreign Languages. Currently there are 16 lecturers, undertaking the curriculum of basic science subjects for all students of the school’s training types.
The basic science subjects are aimed at systematically providing basic knowledge and going into the knowledge related to the science and technology majors; help students who have just entered the university to approach a number of technical issues, contributing to provide basic knowledge for specialized subjects.

2. Organizational structure

3. Other activities
Currently all the teachers in the department belong to the 3 Trade Unions before the school union.
The Faculty has 11 members who are living in the Party cell. One of them is the Member of the Party Central Committee’s Party Committee in charge of inspection, one is the Party cell secretary, one is the Deputy Secretary of the school union, one member is the executive committee of the school union.
Every year, the department organizes professional activities such as writing textbooks, editing curriculum, professional group meetings, attending school-level lectures, … Teachers participate in activities organized by trade unions school division, trade union, youth union, female labor union organized on the occasion of the annual holidays such as March 8, the founding date of March 26, Vietnam Teachers’ Day November 20, the founding days of college 4/12 .