Formerly the Student Management Team, in 2007 the Student Affairs Department was established. Up to now, after 11 years of establishment, the Office of Student Affairs has affirmed its role, making an important contribution to the growth and development of the school.
1. Function and task
Managing, organizing and coordinating with mass organizations and related units in the school, taking care of ideological and political education in students.
Organizing the admission of admitted students to the school, Proposing to handle cases of unqualified students and the application procedures for admission; Conducting student ID cards, student records management.
Coordinate with relevant departments and faculties to organize the initial health examination for new students entering the school, periodic health examinations during school time as prescribed in the inter-ministerial circular of the Ministry of Health – Education and Training. Organizing and coordinating with the Training Department, relevant departments, carrying out the orientation-oriented education for students. Disseminate news, state policies on students, rules, regulations, circulars related to students, traditional school education, regular legal education, issues news of the population environment.
Organize and manage the students’ material and spiritual life: accommodation, activities, cultural, artistic, physical and athletic activities and other social activities of boarding students in dormitories and monitor the management of outpatient students.
Organize the implementation of state policies for students on scholarships, tuition fee exemptions and other regimes.

2. Some pictures of activities