I. Overview of Faculty:
The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1998 and is one of 06 specialized departments under the Vietnam-Korea Vocational College of Technology to perform the task of training technical labor force in the field of mechanics for localities and areas. central and national regions;
The faculty of the faculty has 21 people, including:
– 01 PhD student, 17 masters, 4 lecturers who are engineers and workers of 7/7 level.
– 17 lecturers in the faculty have been studying and transferring technology abroad, 15 lecturers have obtained IT3 IT certification  and 07 lecturers have achieved TOEIC 350 English certificate, 450 points or more.
– Head of Department: Nguyen Cong Thang
– Head of Department: Nguyen Quang Quynh
– 19 Lecturers.

Photos of lecturers of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

II. Function and task
– Organize the implementation of teaching and learning plans and educational activities according to the school’s annual training programs and plans;
– Training for 3 levels: Vocational College, Vocational College and Vocational Primary. Retraining, improving training for officials and technical workers. Check and upgrade workers’ grade for workers in enterprises, factories and production units.
– Organize the implementation of compilation of curricula, documents and course materials when assigned: organize research to renovate content, improve teaching and learning methods in order to ensure and improve training quality create;
– Organize the implementation of experimental activities, scientific research, application of technology transfer;
– Managing lecturers and staff within their unit;
– Manage and effectively use material facilities and equipment according to the Principal’s regulations; propose and develop additional plans, maintain teaching and learning equipment;
– Implement the regime of reporting the results of periodic training and education to the school according to regulations.

III. Flow
350-400 students – students
IV. Creating jobs after training
Students – graduates graduate with good ethical qualities, workmanship and industrial manner to meet the requirements of the labor market. Currently, over 95% of students have graduated from home and abroad with stable jobs.
Domestic: factories and companies in Nghe An, industrial parks, corporations in the North, Central and South.
Foreign countries: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, ….