Engineer Nguyen Quoc Thu

Administration Department

Function, task:

– Advise the Principal on staff organization, staff recruitment, teachers, staff.
– Develop plans and organize training to improve the qualifications of officials, teachers, and employees.
– Manage cadres, documents, and settle policies for employees according to current regulations. Implementing the plan of training, retraining and promoting cadres. Proposing the establishment of recruitment councils for submission to the Principal for approval.
– Summarize the system of legal documents of the school to submit to the Principal for approval and promulgation.
– Develop a plan – plan the school’s staff, teachers, and officials in each stage of development.
– Monitoring and summarizing monthly work sheet, emulation, commendation and discipline of officials and teachers.
– Monitor and synthesize Security – Defense work, fire prevention.
– Ensuring administrative work in the whole school. Develop a plan and organize the implementation of internal political security protection. Managing and operating the security team and being responsible for security and order in the school. Ensuring environmental sanitation
– Take care of working conditions of experts, volunteers, principals, vice principals, councils, teachers and staff.
– Carry out archives and manage the school’s seals. Opening ceremonies, controlling all types of vehicles in and out of school in accordance with regulations.
– Advise the Rector of incoming documents of all levels for implementation and implementation.
– Draft, issue, monitor the implementation of notices of the School Board to the departments, divisions and sections. Managing books and taking notes during briefings. Managing and operating the driving team.
– Managing and embellishing environmental landscapes, building cultural lifestyles, and pedagogical environment. Performing health work, environmental sanitation, organizing periodic health examinations for officials, teachers and workers.
– Summarize, propose and procure stationery of departments, faculties and centers for submission to the Rector for approval.
– Collaborate with related departments and departments to organize medical examinations, purchase of initial equipment, health and body insurance for newly admitted students. Resolving cases of students getting sick or risk accidents.
– Being authorized by the Principal to sign documents when authorized.
– Canteen management